SUPR - SNIC User and Project Repository

Here you find information about present and past rounds, and you can create and submit proposals in open rounds. You can also manage your project membership.

Open Rounds

Proposals are being accepted in:

Round Deadline
SNAC Large, Spring 2014 2014-04-28 15:00
SNAC Medium, 2014
SNAC Small C3SE, 2014
SNAC Small HPC2N, 2014
SNAC Small Lunarc, 2014
SNAC Small NSC, 2014
SNAC Small PDC, 2014
SNAC Small UPPMAX, 2014

To be able to create and manage proposals, you need to be registered and logged in.
Proposals must be submitted before the deadline.

List of Current SNIC Projects

You can view a list of current SNIC projects generated directly from the SUPR database.

Using SUPR

To use SUPR you need to be logged in. If you have been a principal investigator for or member in a recent SNAC project you will be present in the system.

You may:

to your existing person if you remember your password.
for your existing person in the database.
but please do this only if you are not present in the database already.