Large-scale Simulations in Stability, Transition, Turbulence and Control

SNIC 2018/2-4


SNAC Large

Principal Investigator:

Dan Henningson


Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

20306: Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics

Secondary Classification:

10508: Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences

Tertiary Classification:

10501: Climate Research



In this proposal we list our individual projects which rely on HPC resources, grouped into six focal areas. We actively promote collaboration within our large user group to facilitate HPC support, sharing of simulation methods and codes, and user experience. We have thus found it beneficial to apply with a large-level request instead of multiple medium-level requests. 1. Turbulent wall-bounded flows: Simulations of small- and large-scale turbulent motion close to walls, including heat transfer and pressure-induced separation. Simulations of turbulent pipe flow with and without bends and constrictions. Turbulent flows over walls with curvature. Turbulent boundary layers. 2. Receptivity and transition to turbulence: Receptivity of wall flows to external disturbances, growth and breakdown of disturbances close to solid walls. Dynamical-systems approach to study transition in Blasius and suction boundary layers; bypass transition to study percolation models. 3. Flow control, global modes and shape optimisation: Control and optimisation of flows exploiting modern methods of control theory; reduced-order models based on various global modal decompositions. 4. Wind turbines: Interference and breakdown of wind-turbine wakes and atmospheric turbulence. 5. Large-eddy simulations (LES) and reactive flows: Model development and validation for LES of high Reynolds number wall-bounded flows and simulations of turbulent combustion. 6. Geophysical flows: Stratified turbulence and shallow water turbulence.