Quantitative analysis of time resolved tomographic images

SNIC 2018/13-17


Swestore Medium

Principal Investigator:

Rajmund Mokso


Lunds universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

10699: Other Biological Topics

Secondary Classification:

10599: Other Earth and Related Environmental Sciences



One experiment of a duration of 2 days at a synchrotron imaging beamline results typically in 20-30 TB of data. The reconstruction of this consists in phase retrieval which is a very CPU intensive task and the tomographic reconstruction which is a GPU intensive task. By this the amount of data doubles. After these steps, the three dimensional (often 4D time resolved) images are available for quantitative analysis which is the necessary step to exploit the scientific content from this big data. All these steps will be done within this project. Collaborating with multiple swedish teams, we acquire data at various European synchrotrons including MAX IV. Having the data and the reconstruction / analysis tools accessible for all Swedish collaborators is critical and this makes SNIC / Swestore a unique infrastructure that will facilitate the exploration of big imaging data and therefore enable better science in biology, materials and also clinically relevant projects.