SNIC 2018/3-677


SNIC Medium Compute

Principal Investigator:

Tomas Bergstrom


Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

40402: Genetics and Breeding in Agricultural Sciences



Dear Uppmax, After a discussion with Douglas Scofield and Niclas Jareborg ,we would like to move our projects from Milou to Rackham. In doing so, we would like to combine our projects to one large project and make each old project as a subfolder in that new project. We have also started a new project where 100 dog genomes will be generated. We would like the following projects to be transferred to the new project DogCatGenomics. If possible, we would like to keep the project members as they are in each project. b2013092 Horse MHC Sequencing project (b2013092) b2013134 CCR Retinopati (b2013134) b2015069 LabbeNGS (b2015069) b2015248 ESS-retinopathy (b2015248) b2016297 DVS-NGS (b2016297) b2016396 Dalm-NGS (b2016396) b2016395 GR-NGS (b2016395) b2017196 canine-mhc (b2017196) b2017220 vision (b2017220) b2017221 ragdoll (b2017221) b2017222 Genetic variation (b2017222) b2017219 SmallFastDog (b2017219) I am the PI for the project b2016397 (RNA_PH_GA). I would like to transfer the role of PI for b2016397 to Göran Andersson ( ) . Göran will apply for a separate SNIC project and we will then contact you to transfer the files. Thus, the project b2016397 (RNA_PH_GA) should not be moved to our new SNIC project DogCatGenomics.