Phylogeny of Ingeae


SNIC 2015/6-176


SNAC Small

Principal Investigator:

Bertil Ståhl


Uppsala universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

10607: Botanik




The project encompasses the systematics, diversity and historical biogeography of neotropical synandrous mimosoids, with special reference to Cojoba, Punjuba and Marmaroxylon. Working at different taxonomical levels the project is divided into several parts exploring the phylogemy and taxonomy of the aforementioned genera using both morphogical and DNA sequence data. Besides reconstructing the phylogeny and revising generic and suprageneroc classifications, the project will also include an alpha taxonomical study of Punjuba, a poorly known and seemingly rare genus of perhaps four or five species distributed mainly in the Andes. The resulting phylogenies will provide a sound basis for subsequent studies of character evolution, focusing on allegedly important structures pertaining to fruit, leaf, nectary and inflorescence morphology, but also on cues such as floral colour and scent. Biogeographic patterns will be investigated chiefly in Cojoba, a genus distriubuted in the West Indies, Central America and NW South America. It is also envisaged that the knowledge gained through this research will make it possible to contribute with critical floristic accounts for the Flora of Ecuador series.