Structural models of parental decisions and children's development


SNIC 2016/2-29


SNAC Small

Principal Investigator:

Ylenia Brilli


Göteborgs universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

50201: Nationalekonomi




This project aims at understanding the relationship between child’s ability at birth, parental decisions and the subsequent development of the child. The first part of the project analyses the effects of decisions taken by the mother, such as working and using non-parental childcare, on the child’s cognitive development during childhood. For this part of the project, I estimate a behavioural model, in which maternal labor supply, non-parental child care use, goods expenditure and time allocation decisions are considered to be endogenous choices of the mother, and affects the child’s development process. This part of the project uses survey data from the US, which provides information on the time the mother spends with the child, as well as the mother’s labour supply and income, and measures of the child’s cognitive development. The second part of the project analyses how the health at birth of the child affects the parental decisions taken immediately after birth, by distinguishing between choices that may directly affect the child’s subsequent health, such as smoking and drinking, and choices affecting the time that parents spend with the child, such as taking parental leave or returning to work after childbirth. The purpose of the second part of the project is to shed light on the impact of health at birth on subsequent child’s development, by taking into account the effect that it may have on the parents’ decisions. This part of the project uses administrative data from Sweden.