Computational Modeling of Premixed Flames and Biomass Particle Conversion


SNIC 2016/1-565


SNAC Medium

Principal Investigator:

Florian Schmidt


Umeå universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

20702: Energisystem

Secondary Classification:

20304: Energiteknik

Tertiary Classification:

10399: Annan fysik




The present project is focused on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and visualization of premixed flames in flat-flame gas burners and on time–resolved numerical simulations of thermochemical conversion of biomass, with focus on the release of potassium (K) during combustion and gasification of solid fuel particles. Alkali compounds released from biomass particles during combustion or gasification are precursors for ash formation and can cause slagging and agglomeration and, consequently, damage energy production systems. The results are compared to experimental data obtained with laser absorption spectroscopy. The aim is to facilitate the interpretation and validation of the experimental results and to improve existing predictive models of potassium release. This is a continuation of the ongoing project SNIC 2015/1-478. We will perform one-dimensional and two-dimensional/axisymmetric simulations, both steady and unsteady, of reacting flow in combustion environments with complex chemistry. The in-home code has been extensively used for simulations of premixed laminar flames with complex chemistry. The numerical studies will be focused on the properties of flames that are studied in Applied Laser Spectroscopy group, TFE [1]. We will extensively use and validate detailed and skeletal chemical kinetics mechanisms that have been developed for gas-phase combustion, including reaction sets for ash-forming compounds. References: [1] Z. Qu, R. Ghorbani, D. Valiev, and F. M. Schmidt, Calibration-free scanned wavelength modulation spectroscopy – application to H2O and temperature sensing in flames, Optics Express, Volume 23, Issue 12, pp. 16492 - 16499 (2015) [2] Z. Qu, E. Steinvall, R. Ghorbani, F. M. Schmidt, Tunable diode laser atomic absorption spectroscopy for detection of potassium under optically thick conditions, Anal. Chem. 88, 3754–3760 (2016) [3] A. Sepman, Y. Ögren, Z. Qu, H. Wiinikka, F. M. Schmidt, Real-time in situ multi-parameter TDLAS sensing in the reactor core of an entrained-flow biomass gasifier, Proceedings of Combustion Institute, doi:10.1016/j.proci.2016.07.011 (2016)