Mapping the landscape to model ecosystem services

SNIC 2017/4-32


SNAC Small

Principal Investigator:

Peter Olsson


Lunds universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

10503: Multidisciplinär geovetenskap



This project is central to many research projects carried out at CEC, Lund University. In several project landscape information from agricultural landscapes of Sweden and other European countries is used to asses carbon dioxide emission or storage in the ground, how to optimize the landscape to get adequate pollination of crops and biological control of pests, supporting agricultural production while preserving animal and plant species. The project hands massive amount of data of how the land is used. From the data spatial data is combined, analyzed and extracted such as land use, crops cultivated, and more. The extracted data is used to build statistical and process based-models that are used to predict the impact of different scenarios of land-use and climate change on ecosystem services.