Cryo-EM software development, installation and testing

SNIC 2018/5-58


SNAC Small

Principal Investigator:

Jose Miguel de la Rosa Trevin


Stockholms universitet

Start Date:


End Date:


Primary Classification:

10601: Structural Biology



Cryo-EM has become a highly demanded structural biology technique for the study for macromolecular machines. There is also a lot of interest among Swedish researchers and a cryo-EM national facility has been established as part of SciLifeLab. The Stockholm node has been in full operation with external users for over a year. Usage is spread over the entire country, and there have already several papers published by Swedish research groups. The primary computational processing is done on dedicated compute resources (funded by the facility), but as more external users have collected data there has been an increasing need for computational resources and access to computational tools for processing Cryo-EM data. The cryo-EM processing pipeline is very demanding in terms of computational resources, and doing reconstruction on CPU resources would typically take several days. On top of that, installation and testing is very cumbersome and a tedious task for most researchers. The aim of this small project is to have access to the computational resources at the HPC2N to develop new software tools for the Cryo-EM community, test them and keep up-to-date versions of different EM software packages. In this way, researchers will have a ready to use environment that will allow them to focus in they particular scientific problem rather than software issues.