The role of P. infestans effector Avr1-like in modulating plant defense

SNIC 2018/3-391


SNAC Medium

Principal Investigator:

Ramesh Vetukuri


Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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End Date:


Primary Classification:

10610: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (methods development to be 10203)

Secondary Classification:

40402: Genetics and Breeding in Agricultural Sciences

Tertiary Classification:

10606: Microbiology (medical to be 30109 and agricultural to be 40302)



The role of P. infestans effector Avr1-like in modulating plant defense Fungal-like plant pathogens from the Phytophthora genus of oomycetes, cause billions of dollars in losses every year to agriculture. One such pathogen is Phytophthora infestans, the causal microbe of late blight on potato. P. infestans secretes many RXLR effectors potentially involved in infection of host plants. Avr1-like is one such RXLR effector that acts as a virulence factor, promoting colonization. High levels of transcript encoding Avr1-like were present throughout infection stages, suggesting that this gene is specifically induced in contact with host tissue to modulate plant defences. In this study we found that Avr1-like acts as a suppressor of RNA silencing. Using mutagenesis analysis, we found that a GW motif in Avr1-like plays a major role in its suppression activity. Further more our main aim is to investigate the sRNAs and their pathways associated P. infestans - Avr1-like during the interaction with the host Nicotiana benthamiana. For this we have sequenced sRNA libraries (78) from N. benthamiana leaves infiltrated with Avr1-like along with required controls (three Viral suppressor and two oomycete suppressor). We have a total of 78 sRNA libraries that we need to store and analyze.