C3SE Local 2015


This round has been closed as all proposals have been handled.

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Resource Centre Total
Available Unit Note
Beda C3SE 1 199 185 1 200 x 1000 core-h/month No guarantees on availability given
Beda will be run at best-effort until a replacement system needs the computer room capacity. Beda is now without service contract, therefore reductions (or total loss) of capacity is to be expected. Best-effort also implies that software installations and support on Beda will be given a low priority.

The capacity cluster cluster consists of 268 compute servers (nodes) and five system servers. Each of the compute nodes are equipped with two Quad-core Intel® Xeon 5520 (Nehalem 2.26 Ghz, 8 MB cache) processors. 24 of the nodes have 48 GB memory and one has 72 GB memory, while the remaining nodes have 24 GB each. The interconnect is Infiniband with 20 Gb/s. The system is connected to a gigabit Ethernet.
Glenn C3SE 3 320 330 1 735 x 1000 core-h/month
The Glenn cluster is built on AMD Opteron 6220 (code-named "Interlagos") CPU's. The system consists of: In total 379 compute nodes (total of 6080 cores) and 18.1 TB of RAM. More specific:
  • 224 nodes with 16 cores and 32 GB of RAM
  • 135 nodes with 16 cores and 64 GB of RAM
  • 13 nodes with 16 cores and 128 GB of RAM
  • 1 node with 32 cores and 512 GB of RAM
  • 4 nodes with 16 cores, 32 GB of RAM and 1 NVidia Fermi M2050 GPU
  • 2 nodes with 16 cores, 32 GB of RAM and 1 PCoIP adapter for remote graphics
There are also 3 system servers used for accessing and managing the cluster. There's a Gigabit Ethernet network used for logins and file system access, a dedicated management network and an Infiniband high-speed/low-latency network for parallell computations. The nodes are equipped with Mellanox ConnectX-2 QDR Infiniband 40Gbps HCA's. The server and compute node hardware is built by Supermicro and delivered by South Pole.

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