LiU Local, 2016


This round has been closed as all proposals have been handled.

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Resource Centre Total
Available Unit Note
Gamma NSC 896 2 764 x 1000 core-h/month
Gamma is equipped with fast interconnect network (Mellanox Infiniband FDR). It has a combined peak performance of 61 Teraflops/sec, 3,840 compute cores, 9 Terabytes of memory, and 11 Terabit/s aggregated network performance. The system is based on HP's Cluster platform 3000 with SL230s Gen8 compute nodes, and was delivered in 2012 by GoVirtual AB. It has 228 thin nodes with 16 cores and 32 GiB memory, 10 fat nodes with 16 cores and 128 GiB memory, and 2 huge nodes with 16 cores and 256 GiB memory. Gamma have been replaced with a new system, Sigma, that was made available to users on August 23, 2018. NSC currently plan to keep Gamma in operation and available to users until September 21st, 2018. After that, Gamma will be permanently shut down and decommissioned.
Heffa NSC 11 58 x 1000 core-h/month Heffa is presently only available for students in a few select courses given at LiU.
Heffa is an experimental lab resource for running big data analytics using the Hadoop software stack. It is presently available for limited allocations primarily for evaluation and educational use. Allocation periods and amount of resources will be handled on case-by-case basis. We invite users to give feedback from their experiences.

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