DCS 2017


This round has been closed as all proposals have been handled.

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Resource Centre Total
Available Unit Note
DCS NSC 174 2 000 TiB
NSC offers large (>50 TiB) storage allocations on our new high performance Centre Storage/DCS system. Importantly, these large storage (DCS) allocations are for projects requiring active storage, NOT archiving. Alternative archiving resources are available through SNIC (see e.g. DCS applications should demonstrate how data stored on the new Centre Storage will be used e.g. data processing/reduction, data mining, visualization, analytics etc. Proposals will be evaluated at least twice per year. Usually to coincide with the processing of SNAC large compute allocations.
Triolith NSC 0 35 x 1000 core-h/month This is core time for the special analysis nodes on Triolith.
Triolith ( was a capability cluster with a total of 24320 cores and a peak performance of 428 Tflops/s. However, Triolith was shrunk by 576 nodes on April 3rd, 2017 as a result of a delay in funding a replacement system and now has a peak performance of 260 Teraflop/sec and 16,368 compute cores. It is equipped with a fast interconnect for high performance for parallel applications. The operating system is CentOS 6.x x86_64. Each of the 1520 (now 944) HP SL230s compute servers is equipped with two Intel E5-2660 (2.2 GHz Sandybridge) processors with 8 cores each (i.e. 16 cores per compute server). 56 of the compute servers have 128 GiB memory each and the remaining 888 have 32 GiB each. The fast interconnect is Infiniband from Mellanox (FDR IB, 56 Gb/s) in a 2:1 blocking configuration. Triolith have been replaced with a new system, Tetralith, that was made available to users on August 23, 2018. NSC currently plan to keep Triolith in operation and available to users until September 21st, 2018. After that, Triolith will be permanently shut down and decommissioned.

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