SNAC Small UPPMAX, 2018

Closed for New Proposals

This round is closed for new proposals. Submitted proposals will be handled.

This round is for compute resources on Rackham. All research areas are welcome. Projects with a large storage requirement are prioritised on Rackham.

More information about this round is available at


Resource Centre Available Capacity Unit Note
Crex 1 UPPMAX 500 GiB
Active data storage for SNIC UPPMAX projects.
Rackham UPPMAX 1 000 x 1000 core-h/month
Rackham provides 9720 cores in the form of 486 nodes with two 10-core Intel Xeon V4 CPUs each. 4 fat nodes have 1 TB of memory, 32 fat nodes have 256 GB, and the rest have 128 GB. The interconnect is Infiniband.
Snowy UPPMAX 150 x 1000 core-h/month

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