SNIC Medium Storage 2020

This Round is Open for Proposals

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This round is open for proposals until 2021-01-01 00:00.


Resource Centre Upper
Available Unit Note
Cephyr NOBACKUP C3SE 40 000 200 000 GiB Storage attached to Hebbe and Vera at C3SE
Ceph storage with a 4x25GBit/s ethernet network and a total storage area of 766TiB.
  • 7 Storage servers with Intel Xeon Silver 4114 CPU @ 2.20GHz and 96GB of RAM.
  • 3 Metadata servers with Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 CPU @ 1.70GHz and 48GB of RAM.
  • 2 Gateway servers with Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 CPU @ 1.70GHz and 96GB of RAM.
Nobackup HPC2N 10 000 100 000 GiB
When a Storage Project has been approved it is important to make sure all files belonging to the project are moved from each members personal directory under /pfs/nobackup/home/ to the new project storage directory. 30 days after the approval of the project storage the quota settings for each user in the /pfs/nobackup/home file system will be reduced to 25GB, just enough to keep certain user specific configuration files. Project storage is by default only accessible by the members of the project.

Active project storage without backup for SNIC HPC2N projects.
Centrestorage nobackup LUNARC 40 000 300 000 GiB
Centre Storage NSC 50 000 500 000 GiB
Apply for a file quota of 1 million files unless you have a good motivation for more.

Project storage for SNAC (Small, Medium and Large), LiU Local and DCS projects.
Klemming PDC 100 000 1 000 000 GiB
Crex 1 UPPMAX 100 000 1 000 000 GiB Minimum size: 10 TB. Storage attached to Rackham and Snowy at UPPMAX.
Storage attached to Rackham and Snowy at UPPMAX. Apply for at least 10 TB here. PI:s with needs smaller than 10 TB must apply for a SMALL Storage project.

Active data storage for SNIC UPPMAX projects.

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