SNIC SENS Medium 2017


This round has been closed as all proposals have been handled.

This SNIC-SENS round is for medium-scale projects involving sensitive personal data on the Bianca system.

A medium project can request up to 150 TB and 100,000 core-hours/month on average. PI's must be employed at a Swedish institute of higher education at least at the level of assistant professor. If the PI is not affiliated with Uppsala University, it is the PI's responsibility that a Personal data assistant agreement (personuppgiftbiträdesavtal) exists (contact Ann-Charlotte Sonnhammer with questions).

Until the first SENSE Large round is announced, a small number of larger projects may be approved in this round.

For a SENS Medium project, the abstract should include a brief description of the planned work and a clear statement that the work involves sensitive personal data. Requested resources, both GB of storage and compute hours, should be motivated in as much detail as possible. A listing of necessary software is encouraged.

The actual project name, which will be used when you log in, is given in the name/Dnr field, and follows the pattern "sens20171XX". SNIC SENS Medium 2017 has a diary pattern that follows the general SNIC pattern, "SNIC 2017/21-XXX", which is not stored in SUPR but can be useful for official information requests.

More information about this round is available at


Resource Centre Total
Available Unit Note
Bianca UPPMAX 535 100 1 100 x 1000 core-h/month
/proj UPPMAX 1 087 500 100 000 1 000 000 GiB
Allocation of backed-up storage should correspond to NGI-reported size of raw data.

Backed up project directory
/proj/nobackup UPPMAX 500 000 50 000 700 000 GiB
Nobackup space should normally correspond to 50% of backed-up space.

Not backed up project directory

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