SNIC SENS Medium 2019

This Round is Open for Proposals

This SNIC-SENS round is for medium-scale projects involving sensitive personal data on the Bianca system.

A medium project can request up to 150 TB and 100,000 core-hours/month on average. PI's must be employed at a Swedish institute of higher education at least at the level of assistant professor. If the PI is not affiliated with Uppsala University, it is the PI's responsibility that a Personal data assistant agreement (personuppgiftbiträdesavtal) exists (contact Ann-Charlotte Sonnhammer with questions).

Until the first SENSE Large round is announced, a small number of larger projects may be approved in this round. Please contact UPPMAX support to open a dialogue.

For a SENS Medium project, the abstract should include a brief description of the planned work and a clear statement that the work involves sensitive personal data. Requested resources, both GB of storage and compute hours, should be motivated in as much detail as possible. A listing of necessary software is encouraged.

Remember to add both compute (Bianca) and storage (Castor) resources to the "Resources" part of the proposal. Estimate your needs for the coming year.

Detailed instructions on how to apply can be found here.

More information about this round is available at

This round is open for proposals until 2020-01-01 00:00.


Resource Centre Available Capacity Unit Note
Bianca UPPMAX 1 100 x 1000 core-h/month You must add this resource to your project
Castor /proj UPPMAX 1 000 000 GiB You must add this resource to your project
This resource is primarily for raw data and other data that cannot be reproduced easily.

Castor is the storage resource attached to Bianca, the SNIC SENS research cluster. The /proj area is backed up.
/proj/nobackup UPPMAX 700 000 GiB You must add this resource to your project.
Not under backup. This resource is for temporary files and any data that can be retrieved from another source.

Not backed up project directory

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