SNIC SENS Small 2017


This round has been closed as all proposals have been handled.

This SNIC-SENS round is for small-scale projects involving sensitive personal data on the Bianca system.

A small project uses less than 20 TB and averages less than 5,000 core-hours/month.

For a SENS Small project, the abstract should include a brief description of the planned work and a clear statement that the work involves sensitive personal data. A short motivation of the requested resources is also appropriate.

If the PI is not affiliated with Uppsala University, it is the PI's responsibility that a Personal data assistant agreement (personuppgiftbiträdesavtal) exists (contact Ann-Charlotte Sonnhammer with questions).

More information about this round is available at


Resource Centre Total
Available Unit Note
Bianca UPPMAX 209 100 x 1000 core-h/month
/proj UPPMAX 261 300 200 000 GiB
Allocation of backed-up storage will correspond to NGI-reported size of raw data.

Backed up project directory
/proj/nobackup UPPMAX 167 274 100 000 GiB
Not backed up project directory

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