SNIC SENS Small 2017

This Round is Open for Proposals

This SNIC-SENS round is for small-scale projects involving sensitive data on the Bianca system.

A small project uses less than 20 TB and averages less than 5,000 core-hours/month.

For a SENS Small project, the abstract should include a brief description of the planned work and a clear statement that the work involves sensitive data. A short motivation of the requested resources is also appropriate.

SNIC SENS 2017 has a diary pattern that follows the general SNIC pattern, "SNIC 2017/XX-YYY". For technical reasons, the diary number of your proposal will be given in the "directory name" field. The actual project name, which will be used when you log in, is given in the name/Dnr field, and follows the pattern "sens2017YYY".

More information about this round is available at

This round is open for proposals until None.


Resource Centre Available Capacity Unit Note
Bianca UPPMAX 100 x 1000 core-h/month
/proj UPPMAX 200 000 GiB
/proj/nobackup UPPMAX 100 000 GiB

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