UPPMAX Storage 2018

Closed for New Proposals

This round is closed for new proposals. Submitted proposals will be handled.

This round is for storage projects on the SNIC partition of the Crex storage system attached to Rackham. This storage area is not under backup.

Any SNIC Small, Medium, or Large user who needs more than the default 128 GB of storage given to SNIC projects on Rackham can apply for space in this round.

Users of other UPPMAX systems, e.g. Bianca (SNIC-SENS) should not apply here. Crex is not reachable from any system besides Rackham and Snowy.

Please motivate your resource request with an a description of your data, an estimate of your storage needs, and your plans for analysis.

More information about this round is available at


Resource Centre Available Capacity Unit Note
Crex 1 UPPMAX 2 000 000 GiB
Active data storage for SNIC UPPMAX projects.

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